100 Things Destroying America

The following is an excerpt from 100 Things Destroying America, by W. Cleon Skousen.

Forces Wrecking World Stability and Fostering Predatory War

Ever since the close of World War I, the principal source of unrest, terrorism, violence and war throughout the world has been the collectivist and subversive order of international Communism together with its closely related (though sometimes competitive) allies, Nazism and Fascism.

Up until 1933 this threat was clearly recognized by the White House and State Department. They firmly refused to grant diplomatic recognition to the revolutionary Soviet regime.

However, an opposite policy was adopted in 1933 on the apparent assumption that somehow world peace would be fostered by incorporating the International Communist Movement into the community of peace-loving nations.

This irrational and disastrous concept has dominated American foreign policy from that day to this. Every available governmental pressure has been exercised both inside and outside the United States to make this policy viable in spite of nearly fifty years of tragic failure involving the slaughter of more human beings than in any previous period of history.

The Washington commitment to this philosophy is clearly evident in the decisions and policies of both the State Department and the Supreme Court. The role of the White House has been to set up the machinery and appoint “understanding” and carefully briefed office-holders who would carry out these fantastically expensive and politically catastrophic operations.

Washington Policies Which Contributed to the Tensions of 1980

Here are a few examples of many Washington policies which have clearly violated the interest of the United States, threatened world peace, and unmercifully exploited the American tax payer:

66. The State Department and White House deliberately built the Soviet Union into a great military super-power during World War II and tolerated continuous insults, false arrests and abusive mistreatment of Americans as well as the violation of scores of treaty agreements ever since. Economic and political pressures available to the U.S. to protect American interests have never been extensively or persistently employed.

67. They granted the Soviet Union long term loans to buy billions of dollars worth of American technology and supplies. Much of this was done in clear violation of the 1952 Battle Act which placed a ban on the sale of strategic materials to Russia. The Soviets used some of these resources to defeat the United States in the Russian supported war in Vietnam.

68. The White House and State Department negotiated a SALT agreement with the Soviet Union which obviously placed the United States in a secondary military defense position against an avowed enemy.

69. They cut off all military aid to the armed forces of the Republic of China under Chaing Kai Shek precisely at a time when it made the capture of China and 600,000,000 former U.S. allies an inevitable Communist victory. This disarming of 32 loyal Chinese divisions by order of the U.S. State Department changed the entire course of world history.

70. As far back as 1949, the State Department was trying to get Red China admitted to the United Nations, diplomatically recognized by the United States, and granted full trading privileges to build up her status as a world power. Public resistance was gradually worn down and twenty-five years later, all of these objectives had become an accomplished fact.

71. In 1958-59 both the State Department and the White House promoted Fidel Castro as the great new leader of democracy and constitutionalism for Cuba. They gave him a red-carpet welcome in Washington after he had ousted General Fulgencio Batista, a mild dictator compared to Castro and a strong supporter of U.S. policies. Intelligence agencies had warned the State Department that Castro was a Soviet agent.

72. It is now known that the State Department cooperated in the ouster of the elected president of Nicaragua to permit a Cuban-trained revolutionary force to seize control of that country in 1979.

73. The White House and State Department imposed hostile policies and sanctions against Rhodesia and sent over the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. to contact the radical marxist revolutionaries seeking the overthrow of the progressive and racially-balanced policies of Ian Smith. Even after Ian Smith turned over the government to Black moderates, the hostility continued until the most radical revolutionary element of Marxist opposition has been “elected” into power.

74. These same policies were followed after World War II in allowing one country after another in Eastern Europe to be betrayed into the hands of pro-Communist governments. The betrayal of Poland was so brazen that Ambassador Lane resigned. Communist leader, Marshall Tito, was supported in Yugoslavia by the State Department and he shortly executed the loyal friend of the U.S., General Drazha Mikailovich.

75. In 1975, the White House and State Department accepted the Helsinki Accord which permanently surrendered the “captive nations” in Eastern Europe to the Soviet Bloc.

76. In 1978, the White House and State Department used a completely unconstitutional device to turn over the Panama Canal to an unelected Communist dictator in Panama together with a promise to pay Panama. hundreds of millions of American tax dollars if Panama would take this valuable property off our hands.

77. The White House and State Department compelled 5 million American youth to fight a no-win war in Korea which resulted in 157,530 killed and wounded. This war was never formally authorized by Congress as required in the Constitution.

78. They engineered a similarly disastrous war in Vietnam which was also an “undeclared war” and fought on a no-win basis for ten years with approximately 225,000 killed or wounded. Korea and Vietnam were the only two wars in the history of the United States which were not allowed to be fought through to a prompt and victorious conclusion.

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